5 Ways To Have Your Team Working Like A Well-Oiled Machine

Working on a team is one of the most challenging, but rewarding, experiences you can have in a workplace. Especially when you’re the leader, it’s up to you to guide your coworkers throughout the process like working a Well-Oiled Machine. But making your team work well together can be difficult. Start with these five methods, and it’ll be like adding oil to each cog in a well-working machine.

1. Valuing Each Role

To incentivize work and set reasonable expectations, we must first establish that each role has a unique purpose and is equally valued with all others on the team. There may be a hierarchy of seniority, but each person on the team, regardless of their level, should feel appreciated. Some practical ways to do this are giving each member a specific job title and description, listing out job responsibilities, and assigning tasks that are the sole responsibility of an individual team member.

Well-Oiled Machine

2. Providing The Resources People Need

Your team needs more than just each other to succeed. Even if you have the best workers in the world on your side, without the tools they need to get the job done, their work will be sub-par. Equip your team with the software, research, and other resources people in their industry need, and you’ll see them flourish.

3. Setting Realistic And Inspiring Goals

Goals are only stressful in two scenarios: when there are no goals to work towards and when the goals set for you are too high to ever obtain. Instead, goal-setting should be a reflection of what you know your team can accomplish when they’re at their best. A goal should always challenge you, but should never make someone fear for what may happen if the goal isn’t met. Break goals up into several steps to make them more achievable, and celebrate each milestone.

4. Determining A Common Purpose

Without an overall reason for working as hard as you do, your team will burn out in no time. Your purpose has to be more deeply rooted than simply “to make money,” as well. Instead, take a look at your company and the work your team does. How does it positively impact the world? What values from this type of work will your employees be able to take with them to other jobs or into retirement? For instance, for a banking company, your common purpose may be to be a safe, friendly place in the community that is trusted. These values add drive to each day’s tasks and act as the glue that pulls your team together.

5. Providing Open Channels For Communication

Practicing good communication empowers your team to rely on each others’ strengths and to offer valid feedback when it’s needed. Good communication is done on a regular basis and with the understanding that you’re all working for each others’ benefit. This can be done through instant messaging channels, regular meetings, or even a simple email chain. The point is when you’re keeping communication open and often, your team will feel a sense of togetherness and unity.

In the end, there are many ways to keep your team well-oiled. It all stems from your personal leadership and listening to the needs of each team member. We use the most effective methods available to build team togetherness in even the business world’s most challenging industries.

We’d love to help you start working better together. If you’ve noticed a weak point in your company’s teamwork, contact us at BP Dudley & Associates.