Product Spotlight – Target Selling Insights Report

Level Up Your Sales Team

There’s a big difference between selling and taking an order.  Creating relationships and nurturing them over time create customers for life.  Achieve these results by answering these questions:

Does your sales personnel know how to sell? How thoroughly do they understand the process of selling?  Do they have characteristics of top performers?  

Target Sellings Insights answers and addresses these questions, while providing valuable feedback as the person reviews their results.  This hands-on report not only assesses but also improves areas of weakness so a person can improve one area at a time.

Selling Insights

Focused Training

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team members will help you craft very focused training on the areas that need improvement for specific salespeople. We target the six categories of sales strategy.

T – Target: Identifying the prospects
A – Adapt: Create an initial rapport with the prospect during the first face-to-face encounter 
R – Research:  Detailed questioning to uncover prospect’s needs
G – Guide: Presentation of salesperson’s products in a professional manner
E – Explain: Building value and creating trust in salesperson and person’s company
T – Transition: Asking for the sale, dealing with objections, and handling negotiations

How Target Selling Insights Can Benefit You

  1. Breaks sales process down into specific steps to improve sales process.
  2. Identifies strengths and weaknesses of each team member.
  3. Allows managers/trainers to focus on specific areas for improvement.
  4. Builds confidence in sales team to produce results.
  5. Provides helpful learning and development opportunities in each specific part of the sales cycle.

You can use this report as the perfect vehicle for expanding your business and growing your sales personnel.  To see a sample Target Insights Selling Report, please feel free to contact us today.