How to Find Quality Employees

Recent statistics reveal that 52% of recruitment professionals agree that improving the quality of hire is a top priority. New hires are an enormous investment, after all.

Recruiting quality employees, onboarding, and training them is a considerable expense. While it varies by role, and if you are hiring full-time or hourly employees, the average cost is $4,000 to hire an employee.

Since you are investing in your new hires, the ones you find must be quality employees. While it may seem like a tremendous obstacle, finding outstanding employees can be simpler than you think. It starts with how you recruit them.

Here is how you can find the best employees today.

quality employees

Create a Superb Job Post

To find employees, first, you must share the details of the opportunities. Job seekers want to know what you want them to do, what you require for consideration, and if you offer benefits.

When you describe the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications, provide as many details as possible. This will help ensure that quality employees will respond.

Accurate Job Title

The job title must be specific, too. Generic job titles or cute or funny ones will deter excellent candidates, like “ninja” or “guru.” Job seekers will be interested in a job title that states what they want to do.

Plus, think of your job title as a keyword. When you use an accurate job title, it will be easier to find your job on search engines, job boards, and social media.

Having a relevant job title helps attract great candidates and will ensure that people are applying for positions suitable for them. When a sensible job title is used, it can also help to optimize visibility when searching for the position online. This will help ensure that the right people find the job as it is being advertised.

Include Salary and Benefits

Being transparent about salary or hourly wages will incentivize job seekers to apply. It will also show them whether your position will be a good fit for the long term.

Recent statistics suggest that 67% of employees feel employers must be more transparent about pay. If you worry your compensation may be too low for candidates to apply, that doesn’t mean you should not be upfront. You could waste time on a candidate who will not take the job anyway because the pay is too low.

Full-time and hourly employees alike want to know what you offer beyond pay. They want to hear about perks, not just health insurance and paid time off. Do you have catered lunches, gym memberships, discounts, etc.? Think about everything it is that you offer when you list your benefits. Job seekers love to see even unconventional perks!

Find Quality Employees

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