4 Key Employee Motivators to Retain Talent

Are you looking to motivate your employees but aren’t sure how to do it? Keeping your employees motivated is key to running a successful business. 

Motivated employees tend to be happier and more productive. Additionally, it’s a lot easier to retain motivated employees. Read below to learn how to retain talent by keeping your employees motivated. 

1. Provide Learning and Development Opportunities 

No one enjoys the feeling of being stuck. When an employee leaves a company often, it’s because they feel stagnated in their career and don’t see any growth potential. A career path can help outline the step needed to get to the next level and the career path can outline the learning and development training they need to go forward. 

It’s essential to have clear career development opportunities laid out for your employees, so they continue to stay motivated. For example, you can offer regular classes and training opportunities to employees. Or, you can clearly outline the steps they need to take to reach the next level in their careers. 

2. Flexible Working Options 

The pandemic made it pretty clear that many companies are capable of conducting work remotely. Even though the worst days of the pandemic are behind us, many people still enjoy working from home. 

Employee Motivators

If 100% remote work isn’t an option for your company, there are still many ways you can offer flexible working arrangements. For example, you offer a hybrid work environment where employees only need to be in the office a few days a week. 

Another option is to offer your employees a four-day workweek. Again, it may not be feasible to offer this year-round, so you could consider it a once-a-month or summer-only option. We also recommend allowing employees to flex their daily schedule so they’re not tied down to a 9-5 day. 

If you can give employees breathing room to attend appointments, run errands, and pick up kids from school during the day, you’ll have an easier time keeping them motivated. 

3. Feeling Understood 

Perhaps more than anything else, your employees want to feel like you understand them and their motivations. Many companies make the mistake of constantly making decisions without first getting employee input. This kind of behavior can leave employees feeling devalued and frustrated. 

While your employees cannot weigh in on every company decision, it’s important to seek their input as often as possible. Conducting a survey is often the easiest way to gain insights into how your employees feel. We recommend sending out regular, company-wide surveys that allow employees to share their thoughts and ideas related to the company’s trajectory. And make sure to leave these surveys anonymous, as this is the best way to get truthful answers. 

4. Autonomy 

Employees want to feel ownership over the work they do. No one likes a micro-manager, so as much as possible, try to give your employees a say on the projects they work on and who they work with. 

When you give your employees autonomy, you are helping them reach their full potential.  If you micromanage them, you will never know of their potential.

The more you trust in your employees, the better off your company will be. 

Employee Motivators to Retain Talent: Time to Act 

Now that you understand the top motivators to retain talent, it’s time to act. Keeping these motivators in mind and implementing strategies to keep employees motivated will help you retain top talent. 

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