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People Make Your Business


So Why Not Invest in Them?

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Executive Coaching

We provide the guidance and expertise your business needs to get to the next level. From executive coaching to leadership coaching to sales coaching, we provide the necessary building blocks to help your business grow in real and meaningful ways.


HR Consultant

A good HR department is not afraid to think outside the box. Our team acts as a supplement to your in-house HR processes and practices, improving upon culture, instigating 360-feedback, and enhancing engagement through our expertise and industry knowledge.


Hiring Strategy

Are you planning to hire? Make sure you have the right hiring strategy. With our expert support, finding the right person for the job is a far easier task. From working on your job description to carrying out assessments, we help ensure you find the best fit for every open position in your organization.


Professional Development

Focusing on development could be the best thing you do for your business. With our support, professional growth in team building, leadership, and emotional intelligence are all possible. We provide the guidance, and you see just how much professional development can benefit your business.



From behaviors to motivators, talent to stress, we quantify elements of the employee experience to help you make real change. Through cleverly designed assessments and debriefs, we help your business grow in the right direction by supplying the information needed for change.

Hiring Strategy

Who We Are We help you develop the best talent.


BP Dudley & Associates is a passionate, trained team of experts that helps your business grow by focusing on your key investment: people. We support your company in achieving bigger, better things by ensuring the people behind your brand are motivated, well-placed, and assets to your ethos and plans

Meet The Boss Your Vision Is My Goal.


Briana Dudley is the founder and president of BP Dudley & Associates. Her enthusiasm for behavioral sciences and skill in converting that knowledge to the workplace makes her the ideal fit for businesses looking to grow, evolve and improve. From coaching high-potential executives to providing team-building insight, her specialist skills offer companies the resources necessary for success.

Biana holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, and over her 15 years of experience, she has gained multiple certifications in analysis and coaching. These include:

Briana Dudley Briana Dudley

Briana Dudley - Executive Coaching in Birmingham

Briana Dudley

Founder // President

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Testimonials Don’t Just Take Our Word


Briana has a practical and high-value approach to developing my leadership skills. The combination of assessments and consultation / guidance have given me greater confidence in working with others. A true value-add service!

Patrick Delaney

- President at Solsparks LLC

I cannot say enough good things about Briana. Working with her changed my understanding of my communication style and my colleagues' communication styles. With the knowledge and advice she shared, I was able to improve our office culture and team dynamics. Briana also changed my hiring practices. With her guidance, I've found much better fits for our company and had the tools to better manage new team members from the beginning. Initially, Briana helped me solve problems in our office that had crept up from years of just doing things the way we've always done them. Now, Briana not only helps me tackle challenges, but she also helps me be proactive as we move forward with new ventures and projects within the company. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and her insights have been invaluable.

Laurel Mills

- Vice President of Marketing & Strategy at First Avenue Ventures

Briana is one of those people who makes you better for working alongside them. She's a natural coach with the keys to opening the door to not just personal and professional growth, but turning the hard lock that is different personalities working against each other. She knows the secrets to making teams come together in harmony and surpass their goals. She is a team whisperer. I am so grateful to have even a small part in her world.

T. Allbright

- Executive Virtual Assistant & Copy Writer

Our team building workshop was both insightful and enjoyable. I am very intrigued and fascinated by the science of how people are innately wired and Briana did a great job of integrating it all.

Donnie Fetner

- Interior Elements

I always come away better at my job from Briana’s presentations. Keep up the great work – love your style.

Michael Stajduhar

- TriNova, Inc.


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BP Dudley & Associates is proud to have several partnerships with local and national businesses, allowing us to increase our knowledge, expand upon our training, and provide even more to our clients.